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Laser Cutting and Graphic Design Basics

In this course students will be taught how to create vector graphics, suitable for laser cutting, using Adobe Illustrator software as well as graphic design. They will work through the design process and produce working products fit for sale. Products could include jewellery clocks, phone holders, clutch bags, wooden pencil cases, and product branding. The students will design for a hypothetical client whilst still being able to design for their own personal tastes. To round out the course, we will explore the importance of Design in society and study designers at work.

  • This course uses the Technologies Curriculum, Design and Technologies in a Materials and Technologies Specialisations context.
  • This is a one semester course with two lessons per week.
  • Syllabus can be located HERE

Design in Year 8 was an amazing opportunity for me to try new things and learn amazing skills along the way. Design is a great elective.

Elizabeth Finch


Design in Year 8 helps to develop computer skills and allows you to be creative while also creating a functioning product. Design is a great opportunity that I encourage all students to try.

Alex Jones


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