Visual Arts

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An Introduction to Acrylic Painting and Ceramic Sculpture

In this course students will be taught drawing and rendering skills, acrylic painting skills and techniques and ceramic sculpture techniques, skills and processes. Working with a selection of fun and engaging themes, students work hands on to prepare their subject matter and then work from that base to create their artworks. Possible themes for their artworks could include ‘party foods’, ‘unexpected combinations’ or ‘imaginative stories’. To round out the course, students will also explore the elements and principles of Art and Design and study artists at work.

  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found HERE

I have always enjoyed drawing and a variety of artistic activities, so I knew Year 8 Visual Arts would be a great way to extend these skills. Year 8 Visual Arts advanced my skills and knowledge about art in a way that was extremely beneficial, I loved it. Last year was my first time painting on a canvas, and thanks to that experience, painting is now an art medium that I love to use and continue to work in. The Year 8 course taught me a lot about the codes and conventions of art and I now use that understanding in Year 9 Visual Arts. I definitely suggest that you choose Year 8 Visual Arts, it’s an awesome experience!

Juliette Trestrail 


I thoroughly enjoyed learning about art history. It opened my eyes to what the artist could be feeling influenced by the history era they composed their piece from. I also enjoyed producing a painting and a drawing, not only learning new skills and techniques along the way but also to have that relaxing period where you get to create an artwork to your own liking.

Liana Karkar 


Choosing the Visual Arts course in Year 8 allowed me to explore my creative abilities within a supportive and nurturing environment. I was able to develop new practical skills and techniques, while also expanding my knowledge of art history.

Imogen Lazenby


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